About Us

About Med USA

Med USA is a Physician Services Organization that began providing RCM Solutions and Practice Management software over 35 years ago. Customizing services to the client’s needs is the reason behind our three tiered service approach, Platinum, Gold and Silver. The advantage of this approach is the flexibility to move from service to service based on current needs and capacity. In addition to RCM Solutions and Practice Management software, Med USA also offers an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR), Medical Coding and Credentialing Services.

About Fair Value (FVI)

Fair Value (FVI) is a Healthcare Knowledge Process Support firm based in India that specializes in providing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services, such as, coding, billing and follow up services. FVI offers Third Party solutions to the US healthcare industry for leveraging the “India Advantage.” FVI can provide RCM solutions for large, medium and small size companies based in the US to increase profitability and improve performance