Our Advantage

Our expertise allows us to focus on maintaining a steady cash flow for your business while you focus on providing quality healthcare. Our philosophy is “Revenue Cycle Efficiency” which is our “core competency” resulted from Healthcare knowledge, experience and skill.

Our advantage

  • Eliminate the costs and headaches of staffing expensive in house billing office.

  • Eliminate the need to invest in significant billing hardware and software.

  • Streamline RCM processes

  • Improve RCM performance- claim denial reduction

  • Increase profit margins by lowering costs and improving collections

  • Integrated Practice Management and EHR software

  • Reduce costs with improved technology solutions and redefined work flow

  • Single point of contact for all your Operations/Business Administrative functions

  • A US-India based hybrid model of delivery, giving benefits of process efficiency as well as more competitive costs

leveraging the offshore advantage

Outsourcing of Medical billing processes has become a creative and profitable solution that is helping Individual Providers and Hospital CFOs and owners of the physician practices like yours do more with less. Less money, less time and less resources allow you to focus on more important thing which is Patient Care.

    • Combination of onshore and offshore process optimizes cost

    • Part of the work done in Salt Lake City supported by teams from India

    • InImproves TAT

    • Many of the US insurance companies have their back end services in India. Many times teams are speaking with people next door.

    • Technologically updated and adaptive to accept regular amendments from American Medical Association and Center for Medicare and Medicaid services.

    • Team of over 80 people working in the facility in India

    • Over 15 years’ experience in this business

infrastructure in india

Fair Value India provides high end infrastructure ensuring uninterrupted service delivery and process enhancements, all within a highly secure environment.

    • High Security in Process

    • Built-in redundancy

    • Multiple servers support round the clock operations for healthcare process.

    • Enables redundancy for links and equipment.

    • • Allows automatic failovers and re-routing.

    • 24x7 infrastructure and monitoring.

    • Dialers, intelligent call routing, call recording

Performance management processes